What is the Best Month to Sell Your Home in Ridgewood and Bergen County, NJ?

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at 4:46pm.

There are many variables to be considered when deciding on the best time to sell your home. Do you want to sell the home quickly or are you willing to let the home sit on the market a bit longer in hopes of getting a better offer? Do you want to market your home during the summer when it can be shown in its best light or would you rather free up more time to take advantage of the nice weather and enjoy the many outdoor activities in the Bergen County, NJ area? This is why it's tough to determine the best month to sell your home, as everyone has a different idea of what makes a certain time of year better than others to sell. Below you'll find our list of pros and cons on every month of the year in Bergen County, along with our opinions on which months are the best. However, it's worth noting that in Bergen County—and especially in our specialized area of Ridgewood, NJ—homes tend to sell quicker than in most other markets and there really isn't a bad time to sell.

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January: In most Bergen County towns, homes tend to sit on the market slightly longer than average in January. A decent amount of relocations begin in January, as most companies have just finished setting their budgets for the new year and know how many new employees they can bring in. This means that while you might not sell your home as quickly, demand may be high and you might get a better price.

February: The amount of days that homes sit on the market in Bergen County begin to drop in February, as buyers snatch up homes much faster than in January. It might be a good strategy to list your home in February, not only for a quicker sale, but also to get a head start on those who are waiting for the "spring market" to sell.

March: With the spring market just getting underway, there's an increase of buyers at this time of year. Data has also shown that in the last few years, March is among the months where homes sell very quickly in Bergen County. In fact, March was the month where both Allendale and Ridgewood homes for sale sat on the market for the least amount of time in 2015, while in 2016 March saw homes sell at the fastest rate in Glen Rock, Ramsey, Waldwick, and Wyckoff.

April: Another great month for a quick sale in many towns within Bergen County is April. The spring market is in full swing and buyer demand is high. That said, seller demand is also high and it's worth noting that sellers sometimes have to settle for a bit less than what they hoped for during the spring. However, the team of agents at Tarvin Realtors can ensure your home is priced appropriately to take advantage of the amount of buyers in the spring market and sells for a price that meets your goals.

May: This is among the best months to list your home for a couple of reasons. The weather in Bergen County is usually ideal with the flowers in full bloom and the curb appeal of many homes increasing. Also, a lot of buyers are extra motivated because they want to move in during the summer months and not risk having to wait until the fall when their kids have started school. There are many good reasons to list your home during the spring in general, which we outlined during another blog on spring home sales.

June: Much like in May, the weather is great and buyers still want to be settled before the school year. Parents are also starting to look for a home a bit more urgently in preparation for the end of the current school year and summer holidays to begin.

July: Even though the spring market is over and stats indicate that your Bergen County home will likely sit on the market a bit longer than in previous months, many of the sellers that sold their home during the spring months will likely be looking to buy a home. There's also the opportunity to sell to buyers who want to relocate to a new school district and ensure that their new address is at least registered with the school they want their kids to attend.

August: Buyers in August have similar motivations as they did in July, only now they're more desperate to find a home in their ideal school district before the school year begins. With less homes on the market during this time, you might also be able to sell for a higher price, although your home will stay on the market for longer.

September: Homes in Bergen County tend to start selling a bit faster again during the fall months. Buyers are also more willing to look at houses in September because the weather is still warm and it's the last chance to view Bergen County homes for sale before the weather becomes less than ideal. You might also want to list your home in September if you want it off the market before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

October: According to data compiled by SmartZip, October is the best month of year to sell your home in the state of New Jersey. The real estate analytics and marketing company combined the average number of days on the market and the ratio of listing price to sales price to make their determination. This proves that fall is a great time of year to sell your Bergen County home!

November: Similar to October, you'll find that November is a month where sellers can sell homes for a good price. The average days on the market is higher than in October, but you'll have the advantage of buyers that want to get their home purchase out of the way before Christmas and especially Thanksgiving.

December: This month is when homes sit on the month the longest, which isn't surprising considering the weather and the distraction for buyers with the holiday season around the corner. However, there are a number of buyers that need to relocate in January and are now desperate to buy before the holiday season really kicks into high gear later in the month.

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