Why Millennials Should Choose The Small Town Life

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Thursday, September 8th, 2016 at 10:16am.

As the stereotype goes, millennials are enchanted by city life. The cosmopolitan appeal combined with the convenience, style, and culture of urban living is hard to resist and plenty of data shows that young people have been straying away from the suburbs and small towns, hoping to take advantage of all a metropolis can offer. They're notoriously recognized for evading car and home ownership, marriage, and the white picket fence for as long as possible. However, the advantages of investing in suburban and small town areas are extensive—many people simply haven't realized it yet. If you're a millennial considering moving to residential suburbia or a beautiful village like Ridgewood, you're on the right track. Need some convincing? Here are 5 fantastic reasons to swap city life in favor of something more serene.

The Shorter Commutes

It's the obvious one, but it may not be so obvious why it's so important. New Yorkers have the longest commute times in the country, spending an average of 6 hours and 18 minutes in transit every week. The idea of that might not be the most discomforting thought for everyone—after all, if you take public transit you can always eat meals, listen to music, catch up on the news, or even squeeze some work in on the journey. In the car? Switch on an interesting podcast. But think about what you could be doing with that extra 6 (or however many) hours a week. You could be catching up with friends and family, learning a new skill, or taking the time to unwind and decrease your stress levels. Millennials are all about work-life balance, right? But if you spend an extra few unpaid hours simply getting to and from your job, that's not much of a balance. The shorter commutes will do you good and leave you with more time for the really important stuff.

You Can Help Shape The Community

Ever feel like any effort you make is nothing more than a drop in the ocean? Of course, that's not the case; every little contribution is helpful. But if you're looking for results, there's no better way to have influence than to develop it in a small town. The big fish in a small pond condition has often been looked upon with disdain, but it actually allows for incredible opportunity. An emerging trend sees millennials flocking to "up-and-coming" towns or small cities that offer the classic suburban lifestyle with a cosmopolitan twist. These towns have affordable, spacious homes, a sense of community, and short or negligible commutes, complemented by green space and a pleasant pace. But they also cater to millennials with draws like bike paths, hip bistros, innovative start-ups, varied career opportunities, and sleek condos or lofts. This trend showcases millennials "shaping the landscape", adapting their hometowns and smaller communities to fit a preferred lifestyle, while maintaining the sustainable set-up and family-friendly ambiance that made these communities so appealing in the first place.

You Need Green Space & Quiet

Maybe you knew that you wanted green space (or maybe you didn't). But did you know that you needed it? Studies say that exposure to natural spaces can improve your mental health and keep stress levels in check. Of course, even if you need more evidence than that to be convinced, you can experiment yourself. You'll likely find that having outdoor havens to escape to helps minimize the strain of day-to-day activities. The more green space the better you'll feel. The less light and noise pollution, the better you'll sleep!

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It's Easier To Save Money

If you're financially responsible, you might find it much easier to save outside of the city. First of all, it often becomes easier and more viable to buy property. If you're a driver, you'll likely conserve on fuel costs as well.


A Higher Quality Of Life, Sooner

A large portion of even the ultra-cosmopolitan city-dwelling youngsters who love every aspect of life under the bright lights will choose to head for the small town experience as they age—and it's sooner than you think. More and more millennials are doing so, and as people begin to seek out more space, serenity, and plan for family life, the gorgeous suburbs and villages start to look more attractive. Why not jump in ahead of time? You could buy a home or put down roots in a community you love. With plenty of opportunities to shape the area, find like-minded individuals, and spend time pursuing your hobbies, you'll establish valuable local connections and perhaps even sidestep losing money on renting.

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