Why You Should Retire In Your Hometown (Instead of a Beach Town)

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, March 10th, 2017 at 3:43pm.

When the time comes to retire, many Ridgewood, NJ residents pack up their homes and head down to a warmer climate. Retiring in the Sunbelt is a popular choice, but there is something to be said about staying in your hometown and enjoying the peace of retirement in a familiar and comfortable surrounding.

Read the following reasons to retire in your hometown rather than a beach town:

Avoid Incurring Additional Debt

If you are at retiring age, chances are, your mortgage is already paid off or it is very close to being paid off. With rising housing prices, many homeowners are better off staying in their hometown where they get the best value for their homes. Additionally, at this point in your life, applying for a new mortgage and getting further into debt is not a welcome thought. By staying in your family home and not picking up to leave, you will avoid extra debt and be able to enjoy your retirement without worrying about money or extra moving expenses.

Stay Close to Friends and Family

After living in your community over the years, you will have developed relationships and friendships with your neighbors. Retiring in your hometown will ensure that you enjoy your retirement with your friends and family nearby, which will be nice once you have more time to spend with them.

If your children are starting families of their own, it’s nice to stay close to them to watch your grandchildren grow up instead of only seeing them on special occasions and holidays. Your kid’s kids will be able to experience family traditions and enjoy living close to their grandparents.


Staying in your hometown also helps maintain a level of familiarity. You will still get to frequent your favorite shops, restaurants, and other local businesses. Rather than starting over in a neighborhood you are not familiar with. Staying close to home also allows homeowners to keep their current healthcare providers, which could be important for aging residents or individuals with specific healthcare requirements.

Downsizing is Still an Option

If your main goal during retirement is to downsize from your family home, there are still many options close to home. With the Baby Boomer generation looking to retire and downsize, many communities contain excellent retirement communities that are perfect for area residents. These communities contain numerous benefits and amenities while remaining close to all the things you love about your hometown.

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