Winter Landscaping for Northeastern Homes

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 12:16pm.

Maintaining that curb appeal through the winter can be challenging. Winter in the Northeast is typically dreary and dull, which leads to homes looking equally dreary and dull. If you’re trying to sell your home at this time of year, you may feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to ensure your home leaves a stunning first impression with buyers.

There are several landscaping tips and tricks you can take advantage of this winter to make your Northeastern home shine during this cold and dreary season:

Invest in Perennials

During the winter, perennials lie dormant, resting until the spring when they flower and bloom again. But some perennials have beautiful foliage all year long. For example, the hellebore, or “winter rose” actually blooms in the late winter, making it a gorgeous choice for your home landscaping. Although be mindful, many hellebore species are also poisonous, so stay clear of those. Other hardy perennials and ornamental grasses such as New York ironweed and astilbe look beautiful throughout the winter.

Evergreens are a Great Base

Evergreens get their name because they are always green. The sturdy needles and branches stay green and lush throughout the winter. If you feel your home looks a little sparse once all the other trees have dropped their leaves, try adding a few evergreens for some instant foliage. Evergreens are also beautiful when they are covered in snow after a major snowfall.

Take Time to Assess Your Hardscape

Hardscape refers to any non-plant-based landscaping component. In the winter, it’s easy to see what parts of your hardscape need attention. Including hardscape in your overall design is smart because it requires little maintenance and has a big effect. Building a small rock wall, adding an arbor or bench are all things you can do in the winter to keep things looking fresh. If you are looking to add a major focal point, you can also install a fountain or small pond to add curb appeal.

Experiment with Texture

Although deciduous trees lose their foliage in the winter, we are sometimes left with trees that have unique trunks and bark. These unique trees are often smaller than your typical maple or oak tree, making them easy to plant and maintain. Birch and dogwood are two examples of smaller trees with unique barks that look great in the winter.

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary and depressing. If you’re selling your home, the main goal is to keep the curb appeal and ensure your home looks great from the outside. This will entice buyers and help make the sale happen faster, even in the notoriously difficult winter selling period. For more information on selling your Ridgewood, NJ home, call (201) 444-0690 and speak with the experts at Tarvin Realtors.

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