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The Bergen County real estate market is known for being one of the most stable in the state of New Jersey. As the site of picturesque historic homes, classic American-style beauties, and distinct Victorian architecture, there's no doubt that homes for sale in Ridgewood and the surrounding area are desirable. However, as a seller, do you know how much your Bergen County house has appreciated over the years? If you only purchased the home a couple of years ago, you likely have a decent idea of what your house will fetch on today's market, but many Ridgewood residents have been living in their homes for decades. The market that they purchased their home will be very different from the market they'll sell their home in. Likewise, if you've spent time and money restoring one of the impressive character homes in Ridgewood, the value of your property could be very different from the price point you purchased the house at. When you work with Tarvin REALTORS®, they will not only help you price your home appropriately, they'll also guide you through every stage of the home selling process.

Whether you live in Ridgewood, Allendale, Glen Rock, or Saddle River, we understand the intricacies of each market and can help you price competitively, market effectively, and sell your home for top dollar. Although we specialize in luxury home sales, we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality client care no matter what the complexity or scale of the property is. From staking the "For Sale" sign at the end of your driveway to helping you sign off on closing papers, we'll be there every step of the way, so that you can embark on your new journey.

Get started today and complete our seller's questionnaire to learn more about the value of your home, or continue down the page to read up on how to sell your Bergen County home for sale.

Tools & Resources For Bergen County Home Sellers

How To Sell Your Bergen County Home

1. Hire a Bergen County Real Estate Expert

When it comes time to sell your Bergen County home, you want to earn the full worth of your property, and you want a simple and quick sale. Experience is invaluable and can make a big impact on whether your real estate transaction is seamless or not. A good real estate agent won't cost you money, rather they will earn you money. They will also help you:

  • Strategically price your home to attract competing offers
  • Market your house so that it garners maximum visibility
  • Ensure your house sells in a timely manner
  • Navigate complex closing contracts
  • Help you find your next home in Bergen County

No one is more qualified to help you do this than Tarvin REALTORS®. In fact, Tarvin has a reputation for selling a larger volume of homes than any other real estate brokerage of its size. Specializing in the many fine luxury properties on the Ridgewood real estate market, Tarvin agents are uniquely qualified to help you sell your home. Each of our agents is a resident of Ridgewood and many of them have attended the prestigious Ridgewood High School. As such, we know our community better than anyone else and can ensure that your home sells under the best possible circumstances.

2. List Your Ridgewood Home For Sale

When you list your home, it's essential to your success as a seller that you set the right listing price. Ridgewood certainly boasts a fine selection of luxury homes, and while it may be tempting to price your home high, if a house is priced too high, they are at risk of sitting on the market for a prolonged period of time. When a house is priced too low, it may sell quickly, but the seller won't be capitalizing on the full worth of their home, which will make purchasing their next home all the more difficult. When you work with an experienced Bergen County real estate agent, they will use their knowledge of the local market to ensure that you select a competitive price for your home that will not only result in a timely home sale, but often will generate competing bids from buyers.

3. Market Your Home For Success

According to the National Association of REALTORS® nearly 90% of home buyers start their property search online. That's why it's critical that your house listing is adequately represented. We will not only advertise your house on our site, we'll advertise it on social media and the New Jersey MLS®.

Especially because Ridgewood has an exceptional luxury market, it's important that your Ridgewood home for sale is marketed appropriately. Not every buyer can afford a luxury home, and as such, not every audience is appropriate when it comes to marketing your home. When it comes to selling luxury real estate, Tarvin REALTORS® are uniquely qualified to help you sell. As members of the exclusive communities at Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and, the Tarvins are able to advertise to an international network of luxury buyers.

4. Negotiate A Fair Price

Negotiations are one of the most exciting periods of selling your home. Your marketing efforts have paid off and offers are rolling in. This is also where a good real estate agent will really shine. On your behalf, they will compromise on a price that is fair to the buyer and seller. They will ensure that you get the full worth of your home.

5. Close On Your Home Sale

While many home seller's first instinct is to relax in the final stages of their home sale, closing your home sale is one of the most important steps in selling your home. In most scenarios, the seller will be responsible for a portion of the closing costs, so it's important to have an experienced real estate agent in the room to offer guidance.

Have questions about listing your Ridgewood home for sale? Contact Tarvin REALTORS®. We're happy to offer guidance and expertise!

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